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Here is my algorithmic side (eng).
Aquí está mi costado algorítmico (es).

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In this site I share my algorithmic side. I don’t make a living writing code but I know how to do it. Programming gives me the chance to implement from musical analysis tools to a software to track a card position in a poker deck when a magician does a Faro shuffle.

It is possible that some of the projects I am working on are useful for you. Maybe they can help you to solve a problem you have (such as deciding if a chord can be played on a violin) or to teach cryptography in a class. However, It is more likely that they only serve to make you hesitate and learn. That is what happens to me.

You can know more about who I am here or reach me by mail (I am on telegram and mastodon too).



I propose myself to code two simple computational models to simulate not only the spread of some disease but the effect of government contingency measures and social behavioral changes. I named the project SETM (Simple Epidemic Transmission Models). As I wanted to learn about the spread of viruses both transmitted human to human and human to vector to human there will be two models. One inspired in COVID-19 and other in Dengue feverGo to SETM.


The year 2020 highlights once again the fragility of human life and its social organization. But in a time when we have access to a lot of data almost instantly. In part as excuse to start programming in Python I wrote a series of small programs to be able to visualize data on the evolution of the epidemic around the world and especially in Argentina… Go to the site

algorithmic Blog

A blog where I write mostly about things related to the projects I share here, without much care. I will intend to write brief posts although is possible I can not always acomplish that. I’m going to try to group the posts into five categories. Here is the rss feed.